Kami Rasmusson, a Grand Forks SPA alumni and former staff member, moved to Harrisburg in 2015 and quickly recogized the potential for a program such as SPA.

With the help of the Harrisburg School district, Summer Performing Arts Harrisburg started in the summer of 2015 offering elementary sessions. In the coming years SPA Harrisburg hopes to evolve into a program with the same structure as its parent company in Grand Forks.
Summer Performing Arts is a theatre company that promotes inspiration through the arts. The original SPA company started in Grand Forks, ND due to a need for voice lessons. Voice lessons quickly evolved into a musical revue and after 27 years SPA has become a program that includes elementary, middle, and high school students. 

The Grand Forks SPA program provides arts programming to over 1,000 students every year. Arts educators from around the region use SPA to showcase their talents outside of traditional classroom instruction each summer.


Our Mission

  • To provide high-quality arts education for all of SPA's participants

  • To create arts-based activities to meet the demand, encouraging opportunities and enrollment for all students

  • To include every student that wishes to participate

  • To create a positive, safe, and respectful learning enviroment for students

  • To promote and educate students on lifelong skills such as teamwork, cooperation, conflict resolution, tolerance, and good character


SPA Harrisburg is a local organization supported by the Harrisburg School District. All students will be given the opportunity to be included in all aspects of their production. No student will be turned away for any reason. Due to local business support, scholorships are available to those who apply.
  1. Mandy Berg
    Mandy Berg
    Technical Director
  2. Roz Hofer
    Roz Hofer
    Music Director
  3. Hannah Sayler
    Hannah Sayler